A dachshund, a Spice Girl, and a tauntaun walk into a bar...

Can the DC Universe just reset to the five-years-later Futures End timeline, please? 

Thanks in advance.

DC Nation has been airing some Green Arrow shorts, and like Super Best Friends Forever before them, they are a ton of fun.

I’m really digging the Tron-like settings and technology, and the portrayal of the Green Arrow/Black Canary dynamic as more of a brother/sister rivalry than a romantic one. Elements of the shorts are a little too Iron Man-inspired for my liking — notably, the sentient bow (the movies’ Jarvis) and Arrow’s apartment (Stark Tower) — but it’s a fun and fresh counter-portrayal to the very amazing, but significantly grittier Arrow on The CW.

The DC Nation shorts — including Green Arrow, Super Best Friends Forever, Thunder and Lightning, and Wonder Woman — really showcase how the DC Universe is inherently more fun, and far less cynical, than DC’s current films and comics would have you believe.

The video above is the second (and best) Green Arrow short, “Onomatopoeiabot”. You can also watch “Brick” and “Cupid” here.

R.I.P. Simone

Colton Haynes’ face.
I can’t.

Colton Haynes’ face.

I can’t.

'They were both in two of the biggest girl bands in the world!'

Mel B is Kimberley?!? The shade.

But it’s okay. If Mel liked Cheryl, she wouldn’t have said ‘Posh’.

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Superman and Lois Lane do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Poor Henry gets swamped but I’m not complaining about the visuals.

5 More Star Wars Spin-Offs That Need to Happen

It looks like Disney will be releasing a Star Wars spin-off movie every other year, in between the regular ‘episodes’. I had a few ideas a while back for where the Mouse could take the franchise. Here are five more Star Wars movies you didn’t know you needed in your life until right now.

Amidala vs. Predator


The untold story of how Padmé Amidala won the throne of Naboo by battling the Predator. Fifteen years later, she’d be using his skull as a hat.

What a boss.

Save the Last Stab


Years before they both sat on the Jedi Council, Adi Gallia had abandoned her studies as a master swordsman after her mother’s tragic death and a move to the big city. But a whirlwind romance with a promising young Padawan learner would inspire her to audition for the Jedi Temple Fencing College.

Librarian Act 2: Back At the Temple


Cabaret superstar Jocasta Nu is forced back into the witness protection program, once again posing as a Jedi librarian. Once she gets over her chafing issues, she leads the Jedi Academy Choir to their first victory at the Galactic Singing Championships.



Oola was the lead singer of the Huttgirls, until Greeata started dating their manager. Fired and relegated to “Jabba’s dancer” status, this musical masterpiece is the story of how Oola got her groove back… well, until she got tossed down into the rancor pit.

66 Shades of Grey


What begins as an office flirtation for Umbaran staff intern Sly Moore and her boss, enigmatic silverfox Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, evolves into a 30 year romance defined by dominance, submission, and electrocution.